David Dugan is a certified civil mediator dedicated to assisting attorneys and their clients to resolve their civil disputes fairly and effectively, without the risks, costs, and time associated with civil litigation. Mediator Dugan brings to each mediation his experience with, and understanding of, complex civil litigation and the Courts.

After three years practicing overseas with the U.S. Army, Captain Dugan returned to the State of Florida to practice law. For 17 years Mr. Dugan represented individuals and companies engaged in civil litigation matters, including construction related disputes, real estate disputes, land use issues, and many other types of civil disputes. Throughout his practice, Mr. Dugan represented builders, subcontractors, suppliers, developers, owners, and other various parties to construction and development projects. Also during that time Mr. Dugan represented owners, sellers, title companies, and other parties to real estate disputes, including his being general counsel for the Melbourne Area Association of Realtors©. In addition to construction and real estate type matters, Mr. Dugan also represented litigants in a wide range of other types of civil disputes.

In 1998 Mr. Dugan was elected as Circuit Judge, a position he held for 24 years until his retirement in December 2022. Judge Dugan served in many divisions, and as Administrative Judge in those divisions, but ultimately focused on circuit civil matters, from the simple to the complex. Judge Dugan managed and presided over thousands of circuit civil cases, and hundreds of civil jury trials.

It is the mediator’s job to help the parties reach a mutual resolution of their dispute. While a mediator does not “judge” the dispute, the mediator’s experience can help the parties evaluate it.