We will furnish our mediation services at the rate of $575 per hour for two-party mediations. Mediations with three or more parties will be billed at $250 per party per hour. We have a three hour minimum. There are no travel fees if mediation is held in Brevard County, or any of the following additional East Central Florida counties: Volusia, Seminole, Orange, Osceola, and Indian River.

The total fee (and costs, if any) shall be divided equally between the parties unless otherwise agreed to before or at the mediation. Invoices will be delivered at the conclusion of the mediation conference or via email to each party’s attorney. While the mediation fees may be the ultimate responsibility of the clients, the attorneys shall pay the invoice upon receipt.


If mediation is canceled less than three (3) full business days before the date of the schedule conference, a two-hour cancellation fee will be charged.


After mediation is scheduled, please provide us with a copy of the Notice of Mediation by email to: David@Duganmediation.com

While there is a three hour minimum, there is no maximum. Once you reserve a date, that entire day will remain available to you as needed.